Pedestrian Information

Pedestrian Safety Guide

Roundabouts slow speeding – and protect pedestrians.

All research suggests that modern roundabouts are safer than signalized intersections for pedestrians. This safety advantage has been attributed to the slower traffic speeds entering and traveling through a roundabout and the division of the pedestrian crossing into two stages, from the near-side wheelchair ramp out to the splitter island, and then from the splitter island to the far-side wheelchair ramp. Traffic speeds through a traditional intersection are 30-40 MPH on average, versus average roundabout speeds which are 15 – 25 MPH. As traffic speeds reduce, so do the chances of fatal accidents.
In each stage, the pedestrian has to be concerned with oncoming traffic in only one direction to cross a “one-way” traffic stream. Pedestrian refuges are provided in the areas within the splitter islands.