Why aren’t you working with the firm Caltrans hired?

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How does the Caltrans Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Process work and how does ICE criteria relate to roundabout operations and geometric design? We can show you!

Omni-Means has expertise in designing roundabouts and working with the ICE Process, for projects on and off the State Highway System. This led Caltrans to retain Omni-Means to provide roundabout operational and ICE training for Caltrans staff.

The training focused on the use of transportation operational modeling systems to plan and design operational and safety improvements for users of the California transportation system. Omni-Means provided training for Caltrans personnel by conducting a two-day Training Workshop in June 2016. This workshop was designed to draw the connection between roundabout operational software, the ICE process, and the actual implementation of roundabouts. Omni-Means staff assisted in classroom training and led field visits of constructed roundabouts throughout central California.

Training Day 1

The first day of training began in the City of Galt, where 15 Caltrans ICE specialists from several Districts met with Omni-Means’ Principals Ron Boyle and Ross Ainsworth.

This first stop was at the SR 99/Twin Cities Road Roundabouts (Omni-Means) in Galt. Gwen Owens (then Galt Deputy Public Works Director) joined the group and conducted a walking tour of the entire roundabout interchange noting the “hybrid” design of both roundabouts with single and multiple lane entries. Once completed, they proceeded to the Omni-Means Roseville office for a hosted lunch and a presentation by Kamesh Vedula on roundabout operational analyses, focusing on the City of Rocklin’s roundabouts.

The group then travelled to Rocklin to conduct field reconnaissance. They were met on site by Ricky Horst (Rocklin City Manager) who provided personal notes and participated in the walk conducted by Ron. The next field visit, led by Kamesh and Lindsey Van Parys, was the Westfield Galleria Mall Roundabout (Omni-Means) in Roseville. This roundabout is of particular interest because of its close proximity to a signalized intersection and six-lane arterial.

Training Day 2

The second day of training included multiple site visits in the Tahoe/Truckee area. Attendees started the day by gathering at the Kings Beach State Park to meet with Dan La Plante (Placer County Project Manager) to discuss the two single-lane roundabouts constructed as part of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project. The visit immediately ensued with a site walk of the two roundabouts, where participants discussed the pedestrian safety, aesthetic, and water quality aspects of the project.

Last was a tour of seven roundabouts at various locations in the Town of Truckee. The group began with driving tours of the Old Brockway Road and SR 89 Roundabouts. The tours culminated in a meeting with Dan Wilkins (Truckee Public Works Director) to discuss the roundabouts and then a site walk of the Donner Pass Road/Pioneer Trail Roundabout. This was followed by a site walk of the Donner Pass Road/Molver Crossing Roundabout. The last discussion and walking tour was at the I-80/SR 89 Roundabouts.

Omni-Means is uniquely qualified to provide this field training due to our involvement with the projects visited on Day 1, and our work on over 130 other roundabout projects. Omni-Means guided those projects from inception through design and construction support.

Since the adoption of ICE, we have completed or are currently working on 20+ projects undergoing the ICE process. We have the knowledge and experience to get your projects approved.

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