Ribbon Cutting at “One Thousand Mile Roundabout”

Ribbon Cutting at “One Thousand Mile Roundabout”

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The roundabout at Interstate 5 and Deschutes Road is officially open after the ribbon cutting on Wednesday October 16th. Omni-Means is proud to have been a part of the coalition lead by the City of Anderson including partnerships with Caltrans, Shasta County, the Shasta County Regional Transportation Agency, and the community which worked together to bring the project to reality. The new modern roundabout is the only one of its kind at an interchange on a thousand mile long stretch of Interstate 5 between southern California and the State of Washington.

Construction of the project cost $5.2 million dollars, a bargain compared to the $20 million dollars it would have cost to use traditional traffic signals. A roundabout solution at this intersection was also found to provide superior operations over signals and improve safety, while still being easy for the high volume of large trucks utilizing the intersection to navigate.

In addition to the roundabout, Omni-Means designed a new freeway off-ramp which connects to the five-leg roundabout intersection.  The eagerly awaited new off-ramp is expected to spur industrial and commercial development with positive impacts on the local economy.

From Left to Right: Omni-Means Project Manager Russ Wenham, City Manager Jeff Kiser & Omni-Means Principal Joe Weiland

Anderson City Manager Jeff Kiser had this to say about Omni-Means’ work on this important project:

“The City of Anderson has a long relationship with OMNI-MEANS.  They have prepared dozens of PS&E’s, prepared grant applications and performed construction management for the City for over ten years. 

 We had only about eleven months for the design phase of the Deschutes Roundabout project in order to meet the California Transportation Commission funding deadline.  Without OMNI-MEANS, I don’t believe we would have made it.  Not only do they know how to design a first-class roundabout but they were experts at negotiating the Caltrans approval processes.

 I heartily recommend OMNI-MEANS for roundabout delivery on the state highway system.”

If your community is considering a modern roundabout contact Omni-Means at roundabouts@omnimeans.com for more information.

Representatives from the Anderson City Council, Caltrans and Omni-Means cheer on Mayor James Yarbrough as he cuts the ribbon officially opening the new modern roundabout.

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