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Why aren’t you working with the firm Caltrans hired?

Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Blog, News | 0 comments

How does the Caltrans Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Process work and how does ICE criteria relate to roundabout operations and geometric design? We can show you! Omni-Means has expertise in designing roundabouts and working with the ICE Process, for projects on and off the State Highway System. This led Caltrans to retain Omni-Means to provide roundabout operational and ICE training for Caltrans staff. The training focused on the use of transportation operational modeling systems to plan and design operational and safety improvements for users of the California transportation system....

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Roundabouts being Recognized!

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

More and more we are seeing roundabouts being recognized for their many benefits by professional organizations. Over the past several months these organizations have been presenting awards to 2014 Projects and Omni-Means has had the pleasure to stand with our Clients throughout California as our projects are recognized for their excellence.This past year alone, three of our roundabout projects have been recognized. The City of Rocklin’s, Rocklin Road Roundabouts were recognized by Breathe California for the 2015 Clean Air Award. These roundabouts also received the 2014 Small Agency...

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Road Diets and Roundabouts?

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Recently, Omni-Means staff attended the Every Day Counts (EDC) – Road Diet Webinar jointly hosted by FHWA and Caltrans. EDC is a state-based model to identify and rapidly deploy underutilized innovations to enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability. In our view, the webinar was silent on the most critical element that can facilitate not only a functioning road diet corridor but can also enhance safety, reduce congestion and promote environmental sustainability. The element: Roundabouts! Consider for a moment; “A road diet implies added bike...

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Roundabouts & Beer!?!

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What do roundabouts have to do with beer? In Rocklin, California, the two go together like bread and butter! A local craft beer pub and eatery, Boneshakers Community Brewery, located on Granite Drive just a quarter mile from the Rocklin Road Roundabouts served up pints of “Roundabout Amber” this past fall. Boneshakers names their brews after local features or after bicycle friendly features, and given the thought behind developing this delicious beer, the name is very fitting! Brew Master, Al Griffin, stated he made this beer through a “mad science experiment”. He...

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Rocklin Residents can BREATHE a Little Easier

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Blog, News | 1 comment

A Blue Ribbon Panel of community leaders from Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails (BREATHE) selected the City of Rocklin’s Public Services Department as the recipient of the 2015 Clean Air Award in the Sustainability Category for initiative, leadership and outstanding contributions to clean air in the Sacramento region for the Rocklin Road Roundabouts at S. Grove and Meyers Streets. The Rocklin Road Roundabouts were designed by Omni-Means as part of a roundabout corridor through the City of Rocklin. BREATHE is an organization that has a national reputation for breaking new...

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