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Why aren’t you working with the firm Caltrans hired?

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How does the Caltrans Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Process work and how does ICE criteria relate to roundabout operations and geometric design? We can show you! Omni-Means has expertise in designing roundabouts and working with the ICE Process, for projects on and off the State Highway System. This led Caltrans to retain Omni-Means to provide roundabout operational and ICE training for Caltrans staff. The training focused on the use of transportation operational modeling systems to plan and design operational and safety improvements for users of the California transportation system....

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A Roundabout Look at 2015

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2015 was a year of growth for Omni-Means, our continued development of our roundabout expertise is highlighted below with brief discussions of some of our marque opportunities. Project of the Year awards were received by five (5) of our projects, three were awarded to roundabout projects, including the City of Galt Twin Cities/SR 99 roundabout Interchange, and the “Breathe California” award to the City of Rocklin, Rocklin Road Complete Streets project; one to the City of Placerville El Dorado Trails Project and the Fallen Heroes Park project in the City of Porterville. Our...

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Napa Moves Forward With Third Roundabout

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In 2010, the City of Napa hired Omni-Means to perform a Traffic Study for the “Streets West of Downtown” that would study the effects of potential changes to the existing travel patterns. Changes included a reversal of the existing one-way couplet (First and Second Streets) and reverting to two-way traffic downtown. Omni-Means analyzed the traffic conditions through the Downtown area including the key east-west streets (First, Second, Third and Clay Streets) that extend from State Route 29 (SR 29) easterly to Jefferson Avenue. The study assessed potential changes to the local streets and...

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Road Diets and Roundabouts?

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Recently, Omni-Means staff attended the Every Day Counts (EDC) – Road Diet Webinar jointly hosted by FHWA and Caltrans. EDC is a state-based model to identify and rapidly deploy underutilized innovations to enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability. In our view, the webinar was silent on the most critical element that can facilitate not only a functioning road diet corridor but can also enhance safety, reduce congestion and promote environmental sustainability. The element: Roundabouts! Consider for a moment; “A road diet implies added bike...

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Solid success or is the ICE melting?

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Just over a year ago, in late summer 2013, Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation) issued their Traffic Operations Policy Directive #13-03 (TOPD 13-03). At first glance, this relatively short paper did not appear that significant. However, it marked a dramatic shift in direction regarding roundabouts on the State Highway System. The directive put roundabouts on a level playing field with the other more common intersection treatments, like traffic signals and stops controls, and formalized the Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Process. Prior to ICE, many of the twelve...

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