Roundabouts Win an Economic Development Project of the Year Award

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The Farmersville Roundabouts Improvement Project was recently recognized as the Economic Development Project of the Year by the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) at the 6th Annual Local Motion Awards Program.

While the Project is transformational in terms of traffic safety, accessibility, circulation, goods movement and beautification, the project also contributes greatly to Farmersville’s aspirations for freeway oriented, high visibility, commercial and retail development along north Farmersville Boulevard.

The project has removed serious impediments to growth and development and has jump started new and renewed interest in Farmersville’s development opportunities for retail, office, commercial, and hospitality along the SR 198 corridor. Oftentimes, transportation network enhancements, mitigation measures, and impact fees pose a significant barrier to new development, but with this key investment in the regional transportation network, many of those hurdles are essentially eliminated entirely thereby incentivizing new development along Noble Avenue and Farmersville Boulevard in north Farmersville.

The construction of the roundabouts has opened the door to spur regional economic development near the SR 198/Farmersville Boulevard interchange, including approximately 65-acres at the southeast quadrant of the interchange, and another 65-acres along the west side of Farmersville Boulevard, south of Noble Avenue. The roundabouts will also support the future planned expansion of the City limits to the north side of SR 198, where a possible industrial park has been discussed. The roundabouts are expected to be a catalyst to economic development interest and activity in the City of Farmersville.

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