Napa Moves Forward With Third Roundabout

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In 2010, the City of Napa hired Omni-Means to perform a Traffic Study for the “Streets West of Downtown” that would study the effects of potential changes to the existing travel patterns. Changes included a reversal of the existing one-way couplet (First and Second Streets) and reverting to two-way traffic downtown. Omni-Means analyzed the traffic conditions through the Downtown area including the key east-west streets (First, Second, Third and Clay Streets) that extend from State Route 29 (SR 29) easterly to Jefferson Avenue. The study assessed potential changes to the local streets and how they would function with the adjacent SR 29 freeway ramp intersections. The study concluded that roundabouts were the optimal alternative for three City intersections: California Boulevard at First Street, California Boulevard at Second Streets (both located within City right of way) as well as the northbound SR 29 ramp intersection with First Street (located within Caltrans right of way).

Based on this study, the City of Napa and Omni-Means partnered again in 2013 to deliver a project for the First and Second Street Roundabouts along California Blvd. At that time, Caltrans was proceeding with a separate and independent safety project that would construct a signal at the northbound SR 29 ramp intersection with First Street . That Caltrans project was to address recurring collisions at that location.

While working with Caltrans on the Project Approval/ Environmental Document phase of the City project, Omni-Means had performed a comprehensive Intersection Control Evaluation that concluded that the corridor would benefit significantly by constructing a third roundabout at the northbound SR 29 ramp intersection with First Street. In addition to improved safety, improved overall operations, and reduced driver delay, adding the third roundabout, to the City’s project also offered substantial cost-saving opportunities. The City, Caltrans and Omni-Means are now working together to deliver all three roundabouts as one large project.

We are pleased and proud to announce that, on Tuesday June 16th, the Napa City Council approved an amendment that adds the third roundabout to the Omni-Means’ contract. This means that all three roundabouts will be delivered in quality, cost-effective fashion. The three roundabouts are scheduled to go to construction in 2018.

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