Using the input garnered from a site assessment, a conceptual plan, traffic impact analysis, available environmental documents, other pertinent documents and input from one-on-one stakeholder meetings Omni-Means develops and refines a concept plan that is presented to the client for review and approval. During this process, Omni-Means develops and provides a simulation of the roundabout project through the use of VISSIM technology – this is intended to verify our design work, and create a visual simulation for our client and for public meetings. Once this level of design is approved, we take the following items into account and the design is finalized:

  • Traffic impacts
  • Truck turning requirements (emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, buses, etc.)
  • Speed, sightlines, clearances and transitions
  • Street lighting needs and recommendations
  • Utility issues or conflicts
  • ADA standards
  • Federal, State and Local design standards