City of Farmersville Gets Their First Roundabouts

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Omni-Means helped the City of Farmersville secure over $3.5 million in Federal CMAQ and HSIP funding for the construction of the first two roundabouts to be constructed within the City. Roundabouts tend to rank favorably for these grants specifically due to the proven safety and air quality benefits that roundabouts offer.

The roundabouts are located at Noble Avenue/SR 198 eastbound ramps and Farmersville Boulevard/Noble Avenue, and are just 280 feet apart, center to center. These roundabouts will increase capacity at the interchange, reduce delay, and improve safety at the intersections.

During the preliminary phases of the overall project, roundabouts were ultimately identified as the preferred alternative for improvements. This allowed the first phase of the project to be advanced by over ten years and constructed, due to the approximate $20 million in savings. Traditional interchange improvements such as signals, bridge widening, and ramp reconstruction were estimated at $30+ million, compared to the $10+/- million for roundabouts.

The project included extensive improvements to the Tulare Irrigation District (TID) Canal Crossing on Farmersville Boulevard in order to support an additional roadway fill of over six feet over the existing box culvert without widening the roadway.

In addition to providing the planning and design services for this highly visible City project, Omni-Means continued to provide design support during the construction of the roundabouts.


It is a special moment when a design project breaks ground. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the City of Farmersville on July 23, 2015. The Noble Avenue Roundabouts at SR 198 eastbound ramps and Farmersville Boulevard were officially under construction on July 24, 2015.

In anticipation of the upcoming opening of the roundabouts to traffic, Omni-Means assisted the City by preparing an exhibit that identified the new traffic patterns for the traveling public. The exhibit highlighted the traffic patterns for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and highlighted other special characteristics such as the truck aprons and pedestrian refuge areas. Also included were the general rules of the road for navigating through a roundabout. This was posted on the City’s website and the outreach helped prepare the local community and traveling public on what to expect.

The City monitored the progress of the project construction through photos and video. To see some of them, visit the City’s website:

As of September 2016, the roundabouts are nearly complete with only the final touches and planting work remaining. They now serve as the gateway entrance into the City.

Omni-Means and the City are excited about the completion of the roundabouts at the SR 198/Farmersville Boulevard interchange. We are looking forward to seeing the positive results this project will have for  the City for a long time to come!

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