The Roundabout Team

Omni-Means, a GHD Company, first embraced roundabouts over 15 years ago following a trip to the UK and France of one of the Omni-Means founders. He observed their efficiency and traffic calming tendencies and brought this interest back to Omni-Means. Since that time the company has grown in capability and overall experience and now have been involved with nearly 130 roundabouts, primarily in California. A roundabout project requires skill and experience in planning and design, as well as a high level of community participation if success is to be achieved.

Omni-Means, a GHD Company, offers the skill, the experience and the ability to communicate with professional staff, local officials and the community at large.

H. Ross Ainsworth, P.E., T.E.

Ross began working with roundabouts following a trip to Europe, over 10 years ago, where he experienced the benefits of roundabouts first hand. These experiences motivated Ross to move Omni-Means into a leadership role in the small community of qualified roundabout designers. Roundabouts can provide far more than just effective traffic control and our company recognizes and embraces the full range of aesthetic, operational, safety and environmental benefits they provide.

Ronald G. Boyle, P.E.

Ron is involved in nearly every roundabout project we undertake. Often his role is Project Manager if not the PM he provides the Quality Control reviews on each and every roundabout project we prepare. As Company Chief Engineer and a Principal Ron takes these roles seriously and as a result the roundabouts we plan and/or design will meet the goals and the needs of our client agencies, and conform to State and Federal guidelines as well.

Russell A. Wenham, P.E., T.E.

Russ performed his first roundabout planning study in 2005 and in the years since has consulted on and/or delivered dozens of modern roundabouts. Two of his roundabout designs, on Shasta View Drive in the City of Redding, California, have won American Public Works Association and American Society of Civil Engineers awards. As a former Deputy District Director at Caltrans (California D.O.T.), Russ is especially adept at roundabout project management on the state highway system.

Scott A. Robertson, L.L.A.

As a landscape architect, Scott recognizes that the roundabout can be more than just a functional transportation tool to calm traffic and improve the quality of our environment. Since Omni-Means began preparing roundabout design solutions, Scott’s goal has been to maximize the very visible landscape areas associated with roundabouts. He accomplishes this through the creation of landscape designs that provide unique water conserving plant groupings, the sometimes inclusion of exciting structure elements (IE themed sculptures, clock towers, gateway signs and monuments), and an understanding of the functional aspects the landscape elements provide in creating a safe transit of a roundabout.

Michael J. Winton, P.E.

Several years ago Mike began working with roundabouts in the feasibility planning stages where he evaluated roundabout operations utilizing various roundabout analysis tools. Mike’s interest in roundabouts evolved quickly, and as such, he began attending several roundabout training courses, both online and in person, two of which were Omni-Means sponsored roundabout training workshops. With these years of training and hand’s on experience, Mike has become an expert in the planning and design of modern roundabouts. His experience includes serving as the Project Engineer on several roundabout projects throughout California, in both the planning and design stages. He has successfully managed the design of roundabout projects primarily within the California Central Valley.

Kamesh Vedula, P.E., T.E.

Kamesh’s first experience working with roundabouts was at Kansas State University (2002), where as a graduate research assistant he studied the environmental benefits and benefit cost analysis of roundabouts. Since that time he has been the project engineer on over 50 roundabout feasibility and/or design projects. His roundabout specialty areas include preparation of conceptual plans, operations analysis and micro-simulation.