Omni-Means Expertise

When it comes to roundabouts, Omni-Means runs circles around the other guys.

Omni-Means, a GHD Company, first recognized the use of the modern roundabout as a viable transportation solution over 15 years ago. At that time, we undertook educating and training managers and staff in the “art” of roundabout planning and design. Two of our principals were dispatched to “Leif Ourston’s – Roundabout Design Workshops” in Avon, Colorado. Although we had been exposed to roundabouts in travels throughout Europe, this educational effort was our first formal commitment to their use. Since that first commitment to staff education and training, five additional professionals have attended a variety of intensive roundabout planning and design programs.

Omni-Means, a GHD Company, has hosted various “Roundabout Training” seminars and trainings for California Department of Transportation staff, Omni-Means staff and several of our clients. Our expertise with roundabouts has grown with our experince, to the point that we are one of the few firms who can claim to have expertise to solve nearly every situation we encounter. To date we have planned and/or designed nearly 130 roundabout projects.