A Roundabout Look at 2015

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2015 was a year of growth for Omni-Means, our continued development of our roundabout expertise is highlighted below with brief discussions of some of our marque opportunities. Project of the Year awards were received by five (5) of our projects, three were awarded to roundabout projects, including the City of Galt Twin Cities/SR 99 roundabout Interchange, and the “Breathe California” award to the City of Rocklin, Rocklin Road Complete Streets project; one to the City of Placerville El Dorado Trails Project and the Fallen Heroes Park project in the City of Porterville. Our complimentary skills in transportation planning and design, Caltrans Project Development process’, 3D modeling, land surveying and construction management are all available to you.

We are excited about the prospects for another outstanding year in 2016! Our continued expansion into the Southern California market is particularly exciting; we have generated strong working relationships with many local agencies and we are teaming with some of the best firms in the world on projects where our expertise enhances their opportunities for success.

We are anxious to provide our outstanding service to each and every one of you, please visit our websites omnimeans.com or roundabouts.omnimeans.com.

“Peer Reviewing” Roundabouts

It is nice when you are recognized as a leader in anything (well almost anything) and Omni-Means has done just that! We have been recognized for our expert ability to plan and design innovative and complex roundabouts, which is something we set out to accomplish in 2002 when we fully recognized the benefits of roundabouts, and embraced them as the intersection improvement of the future. Nothing validates this more than to be selected to provide roundabout “Peer Review” services. We have two such contracts currently, one with Caltrans District 8 (thru a Parsons Transportation Group On-Call), and the second through an on-call contract with the Riverside County Transportation Department, in addition to several individual project specific contracts with various agencies and developers throughout the state. Each of the on call contracts have called upon our services, the most significant being a Peer Review for Caltrans District 8 on the $25M Railroad Canyon Roundabout Corridor project in the City of Lake Elsinore, which includes five (5) roundabouts, two of which are Interstate 15 interchange ramp terminals. The Peer Review was initiated in late July 2015 with the most recent Peer Review meeting on January 5, 2016. Peer review can be a critical element particularly with highly complex projects of this nature. For more information on our Peer Review services, contact H. Ross Ainsworth or visit our website.

SR 198 – Farmersville Boulevard Roundabout Interchange Under Construction

First conceived by the City of Farmersville and TCAG (Tulare County Association of Governments) in 2009, the roundabout interchange at SR 198 and Farmersville Boulevard is now under construction. The project involves the first two of what will ultimately include four roundabouts. The two now under construction are located along Noble Avenue at the SR 198 eastbound ramp terminal and the Noble Ave./Farmersville Blvd. intersection. Construction was initiated in April 2015, the first stage involving the construction of the improvements over the Tulare Irrigation Canal structure and several retaining walls which have been completed; construction has now moved into the second and most lengthy stage where over 50,000 yards of soil will be imported. Construction continues to progress well, and will continue through winter 2016. For more information on Peer Review, contact Mike Winton or visit our website.

Holman Highway/Pebble Beach Roundabouts Is Out To Bid

The much-anticipated roundabout improvement at the entrance to the 17 Mile Drive entrance to Pebble Beach at the Holman Highway (State Route 68) interchange with Highway 1 is now out to bid. The project, which is a joint effort spearheaded by the City of Monterey in conjunction with the Pebble Beach Company and Caltrans District 5, was initially planned for traffic signals and a major highway widening along the Holman Highway (SR 68). This project was cost prohibitive and environmentally impactful.

Omni-Means was retained to develop a roundabout alternative that would meet the traffic demands, reduce delay of emergency vehicle access to the hospital, reduce cost, environmental and right-of-way impacts. All of the above were accomplished in spades with the proposed combination of a roundabout at the SR-68/Highway 1 southbound ramps interchange and a midi roundabout at the entrance to 17 Mile Drive. The project originally estimated at almost $22M was reduced to the current estimate of $11M for Phase 1 (improvements at SR-68/Highway 1)and Phase 2 (improvements along SR-68 from the Scenic Drive Overcrossing just west of the Hospital entrance). Environmentally, the Omni-Means alternative significantly reduced the visual impacts and reduced the tree removal by over 300 trees!. Construction of the Phase 1 improvements is anticipated to begin in April 2016. Phase 2 improvements are not anticipated to be needed for at least another 10 years given current and forecast traffic volumes. For more information on this project contact Ron Boyle or visit our website.

Napa Roundabouts Are Under Design

The City of Napa retained Omni-Means to design two roundabouts at the entrance to downtown Napa along California Boulevard at First Street and Second Street. Caltrans embraced the concept and has added a third roundabout to the project, at the Northbound SR 29 ramp terminal with First Street. These three roundabouts will serve the city and Caltrans well, eliminating a safety problem that had developed over time. Omni-Means supported the efforts of Caltrans and the City to develop a cooperative agreement whereby the City provides the PA-ED and PS&E, and Caltrans the Construction Management. The project is now under design and anticipated to be Ready to List by June 2017 . For more information on this project, contact Lindsey VanParys.

Roundabout Enhance Local Residential Project

A local subdivision developer, in the City of Redding, wanted to upgrade an intersection in his development from traditional stop control to a roundabout. The location is the intersection of a future arterial and a local residential street and will serve as a gateway to the development. The City Engineering staff were very supportive of the new concept based on the success of previous roundabouts designed by Omni-Means in the City of Redding.

The developer’s site civil engineer submitted design plans for the roundabout and City staff recognized that the expertise just wasn’t there to produce the final plans. City staff required the developer to secure a Peer review from an expert roundabout firm and recommended Omni-Means.

Omni-Means met with City staff, the subdivision engineer, and the developer. It became apparent that the subdivision engineer attempted to use the as-built plans from an Omni-Means roundabout to guide their design. Unfortunately, no two situations are the same and there were many geometric issues with their design. Due to the developer’s urgency to break ground, Omni-Means expedited the Peer review resulting in modifications to all horizontal geometrics, sidewalk facilities, bicycle accommodations, signing and pavement delineation.

The modern roundabout was completed and open to traffic within only a few months after Omni-Means was brought on board and the developer and City staff are very pleased with the results! For more information on this project, contact Russ Wenham or visit our website.

El Dorado Trails 1 and 2

The 2012 El Dorado Trail Projects (Segments 1 & 2) consisted of constructing the extension of two segments of the El Dorado Trail within the City of Placerville. The El Dorado Trail is a multi-modal transportation corridor planned to span the entire length of El Dorado County from the western county line to the Lake Tahoe Basin. This Trail system is more than a recreation Trail, it is a way to provide the community with public health, economic, and transportation benefits as well as a way to increase community pride and identity.

Segment 1 of the 2012 El Dorado Trail Projects formalized approximately a one-mile section of existing abandoned railroad right of way that was previously being utilized as an unofficial unpaved segment of the Trail, between Ray Lawyer Drive and Main Street/Forni Road. Segment 2 of the Trail now provides connection from the former terminus of the paved El Dorado Trail at Clay Street to the existing pedestrian overcrossing at the Bedford Avenue/Highway 50 intersection, a distance of approximately 800 feet.

Both the Ray Lawyer Drive to Main Street/Forni Road Segment and the Clay Street to Bedford Avenue Segment had individual design concerns, constraints and opportunities. However, both projects were designed, approved, bid and constructed concurrently.

This project was awarded APWA’a 2015 Project Of The Year Award in the Parks & Trails Category. For more information on this project, contact Lindsey VanParys.

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